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Modular Kitchen Design Ideas: 8 Pro Tips To Make Your Kitchen Stylish

Top 8 Pro Tips Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing the perfect modular kitchen to complement the beauty of your home probably has remained your dream for a long time. Your kitchen no longer needs to be an unplanned space with cabinets and drawers organized to accommodate different goods.

Yesterday I returned pretty late after enjoying a mystery room game with my friends. While making dinner for myself in the kitchen, I looked around, only to realize how the place had never really been pleasing or aesthetic in the slightest sense.

So, for those thinking of designing a modular kitchen space in their homes, this article is here to guide you. Check out these eight pro tips for curating the perfect modular kitchen and making it stylish and efficient for your home!

1. Planning a layout

One needs to perceive cooking less as a chore and more as a therapeutic experience. Designing an efficient and well-organized kitchen space is the first step toward achieving the same. You need to start your work by thinking of the perfect kitchen layout which works for you.

For this, you need to weigh factors like space size, storage requirements, room for your counter, etc. You also need to consider the different things you may need besides cooking in your kitchen. It may include factors like:

  1. Does your kitchen open up to a dining area?
  2. Does your kitchen need to have a space for prepping or chilling out?

Based on these few factors, you can choose the kind of kitchen layout you wish to have.

2. Deciding the ideal height for your counter

The kitchen counter forms a vital aspect of your kitchen space. You must spend sufficient time and effort fixing the perfect height for your kitchen counters. The standard size for kitchen counters is generally based on the average size of the country’s people.

But even then, you must check if your kitchen counters are at a comfortable height to work at. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the space lying between your kitchen cabinets and the countertops isn’t far too much. The countertops may become too complex for shorter people to reach if it is too high.

3. Demarcating the kitchen work triangle

Modular kitchens thrive on their efficiency in providing a superior sense of space management. Identifying your kitchen work triangle is your gateway to achieving it.

The kitchen work triangle is about ensuring your three core task zones, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stovetop, form a triangle. It helps one to ward off any obstacle to the workflow in the kitchen and creates a rotational movement between these three areas.

4. Pick the right colors

Choosing the right colors to fill your kitchen space will help create a pleasing and aesthetic space. While picking out the color for your kitchen, keep in mind that you will need to maintain the color in the long run.

Pick the right colors

Avoid choosing light colors or even go for an all-white kitchen space. However, you must also avoid using all dark shades for your kitchen since it will seek to make your room warmer than usual. You can instead opt for a mix-and-match of dark and light shades to paint your kitchen!

5. Choosing high-quality materials

Choosing the suitable materials to design your modular kitchen will help you make it durable and last long. Picking premium quality materials will also make your kitchen maintenance processes hassle-free.

For instance, you can use matt-textured, anti-fingerprint counter materials to make your kitchen countertops easy to clean! This way, choose high-quality and premium-grade materials to build your kitchen space and make it last longer.

6. Proper ventilation

Ensuring proper ventilation in your kitchen space is yet another vital factor to check while building your modular kitchen. Since cooking is an activity that tends to generate quite a lot of heat, proper ventilation becomes a mandatory aspect of your kitchen.

You can install a chimney, an exhaust fan, or even both to ensure a perfect ventilation system in your kitchen. You can even install a door in your kitchen that takes you to a balcony or the washing area to help fresh air come inside.

7. Lighting in your kitchen

Nothing can be better than having natural light flooding your kitchen space! But apart from it, you must also ensure sufficient lights to light up every corner of your kitchen during the evenings and at night.

Installing overhead lights is best to light up your countertops. Many people even use under-cabinet lights as flashlights directly on the countertops!

8. Storage spaces

Storage spaces

Modular kitchens thrive on the idea of offering ample storage spaces. You must ensure that your kitchen provides adequate storage space to fulfill your requirements.

While installing your wall and base units, you must ensure that they do not clutter the space but instead optimize the entirety of your kitchen space. You can even consult an expert if you are doubtful about designing ample storage space in your kitchen!


Much like every other corner of your house, your kitchen space also needs your time and effort to help you fashion it in an aesthetic and organized manner. So, keep in mind these eight pro tips while you start working on designing your modular kitchen and elevate your living!

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