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Make Fantastic Fairy Gardens Broken Pots

How to Make Fantastic Fairy Gardens Broken Pots

Broken pots, we all do have a couple rotting in a corner of our backyard or somewhere else. If I tell you, you won’t believe that broken pots can be turned into an eye-catching fairy garden. I hope you heard about the fairy garden and if not then let me tell you.

A fairy garden is a miniature garden with statues of fairies and other cute little decors like wooden furniture, a tower or a hut, live plants such as herbs and succulents, and much more intricate details you can imagine. After the entire fairy garden is the product of your magical imagination. The imagination that, we have been brewing since our childhood. A fairy garden can be of two types – landscape (outdoor) and container-based. The type of fairy garden I prefer is container-based. Why?

Because the container based ones are portable. They are small in size, they can be placed on a window sill or under a tree or someplace inside the house where indirect sunlight is available. A question might arise in your head, “why do I need to move the fairy garden inside the house?” well, the answer is the harsh weather. The live plants you planted in your fairy garden might die due to harsh weather conditions. This is the number one reason I do not prefer the landscape fairy garden.

Just to let you know the fact – the idea of fairy garden originated from the United States and today it became contagious like a disease to many people living in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and countries surrounding them. In those countries, the fairy garden has become an economy now. There are a ton of local stores set to sell a variety of fairy gardening accessories. So if you are someone from one of these countries you do not have to worry at all about the accessories – no matter how rare your wish list of accessories is. The solution for someone not residing in these countries is online shopping.

Enough of facts now, it’s time to build a fairy garden. The common notion when it comes to building an Earth Fairy garden is, it consumes a lot of time. But it is not true at all if you do the things in an organized manner. The fairy garden I am about to show you as an example, took me 20 minutes to build. Here it is,

In order to build such a fairy garden, the accessories you will need,

  • Gloves and goggles (Safety first)
  • Broken pots (terracotta)
  • Potting soil
  • A pair of medium-sized rock
  • A miniature house
  • Gnome or fairy statue
  • A statue of a bird or any other animal
  • Miniature fence
  • A flowering plant of your choice
  • Mosses or any kind of small plants that will hang outwards from the broken pot.

The procedure,

  • If you do not have any broken pots, then you need to willingly break some by drawing lines with a pencil in a manner you want to break. Take a screwdriver and gently tap into the drawn lines. You need to be careful on the sharp edges.
  • Now place the broken lips in the order you want.
  • In order to fix the broken lips of the pot in a position, you need to put potting soil around them.
  • Place the fences in the back.
  • Now place the mini house in front of the fences.
  • Plant your favorite plants.
  • Add the statue of your favorite fairy tale character.


  • To avoid any kind of water spill outside of the fairy garden, place an 18-inch saucer underneath.
  • When watering the plants, water as low as you can to avoid the loss of soil from around the plants.
  • Don’t forget to bring your precious fairy garden indoor when the weather shows no mercy.

Any fairy garden you build, these are the basics you have to follow. I know you want to explore more about the broken pot fairy garden ideas. So below I am sharing few more ideas you can get inspired from.

This broken pot fairy garden is rare and unique. You can hardly see such kind of fairy garden in the crowd of commonly broken terracotta fairy gardens. To build a fairy garden of this kind, you don’t require a big budget of money and time. Just put the potting soil in it and plant some succulents. You can see that a mini hurricane has been hanged on top. Finally, add your choice of fairy statue and you are done.

This fairy garden is based on succulents. If you are someone who does not have time to look after the fairy garden regularly then this option is for you. You do not need to water the succulents regularly. Just keep in mind the weather criterion.

In this fairy garden, you can already see that there are not much of plants available. The piece of attraction in this fairy garden is the pumpkin shaped house. The design of the stairs is impressive running from top to bottom. If you wish to add more plants you can add.

In this fairy garden, the pink colored flowers look amazing. You can see that not much of accessories are used in this fairy garden. Just a couple of lamp post on the side of a mini bench, a fairy welcoming sign, couple of birdhouses and stairs made up of almost identical oval-shaped rocks. Honestly speaking, the stairs in this fairy garden looks appealing!

As you can see, in this fairy garden there is an 18-inch saucer placed underneath to avoid the water spill. Plus some rocks are also placed. The outside of the terracotta pot is colored, that looks pretty. And as usual, miniature house, plants, statue, rocks and potting soil are used.

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